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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Beans and how do they work?

What is a Bean?

  • Beans are the reward points you earn whenever you make a food or beverage purchase at our stores using the App

  • You get 1 Bean for every Rs. 10 spent on food and/or beverages

  • On redemption, the value of 1 Bean = Rs. 1

  • Beans are earned on the base price of the item after discount and before tax

How do I earn and redeem Beans?

Earn Beans every time you:

  • Make a payment through your cash/card or wallet money after generating the QR code on your CCD App.

  • Refer someone to install and transact through the App

  • Participate in special campaigns conducted by CCD

  • The CCD Refer and Earn Program lets you invite friends to join CCD. For every friend you successfully refer to CCD App, you will receive bonus Beans worth Rs. 25.

  • With effect from 8th September 2017 the download bonus has been revised to 50 Beans.

  • With effect from 31st May, 2017, referral bonus has been revised to 25 Beans.

Calculation of Beans

You earn Beans every time you show the app at the counter while placing a food or beverage order

  • For every Rs. 10 spent (after discount and before tax) on F&B purchases, you earn 1 Bean
    Eg. Rs 10 spent = 1 Bean, Rs 27 spent= 2 Beans, and so forth.

Redemption of Beans

You can redeem your earned Beans against any beverage purchase (excluding combos and packaged beverages) at any CCD store.

The Café Coffee Day APP is applicable across vast network of cafes. However, from time-to-time, there will be select cafes which will be exempt for a temporary basis from app usage due to technical constraints /changes.

Beans are redeemed only against non-combos and non-packaged beverages, on your final billed value after discount and after tax. You are entitled to Redeem only 50 Beans on your first redemption of beans, and you can use the balance bonus Beans on your forthcoming visits! Nevertheless on further transactions, you are entitled to redeem as many Beans as you like.

1 Bean is equivalent to Rs. 1.

Do Beans have an expiry date?

Yes. Beans earned through referrals, fungible offers, sign up bonus or any ad-hoc Beans credited to your account has a validity of 3 months from the month of earning.

Purchased Beans and Beans earned on transaction have a validity of 12 months from the month of earning, post which it will expire.

The effective date for the validity of Beans starts from 1st July, 2016. Any Beans accrued prior to this date will have a 3-month validity period and will expire on 28th September, 2016. The expiry date is set on the 28th of every month, starting from September, 2016. Beans earned on any date in a month is considered as the month of the earning and the validity is calculated 3 months from the earning month, i.e. the validity cycle for redemption shall be on quarterly basis.

For instance, if you have earned 100 Beans from referrals on 1st July, 2016, they will be valid till 28th October 2016, post which they will expire. If you have earned on another referral on 30th July, 2016, it will also be valid till 28th October, 2016. If these bonus Beans are earned on 1st August, 2016, the expiry period will be 3 months and they will expire on 28th November, 2016.

Similarly, if you have earned through transactions or purchased Beans on 1st December, 2016, they will be valid till 28th December, 2017; if earned on 1st January, 2017, it will be valid till 28th January, 2018, and so on.

What can I purchase with my accumulated Beans?

You can use your accrued Beans to purchase any Beverages (excluding combos and packaged beverages) from our CCD stores (excluding CCD Express and café’s which are established /set-up at any third-party organisation/system.).

Why am I not able to redeem my Beans?

  • Redeem up to 50 Beans on your first redemption of beans , after which there is no limit on Beans redemption. Go crazy!

  • Bonus Beans expire if you haven’t made a transaction with your app in the last 3 months, while transaction Beans have an expiry period of 12 months. Don’t ignore us for too long!

  • There is no internet connectivity on your mobile device.

Why am I not able to purchase Beans now?

We have temporarily disabled the feature of purchase Beans in the app in order to facilitate some technical changes. But, we would be back soon. Stay tuned.

Can I transfer my accrued Beans to my friends?

Not yet, but we we’re working on it!

Can I encash my accrued/purchased Beans?

No, you can’t. You can use them to pay your bill.

Do I earn Beans while redeeming Beans?

Beans are earned only on the amount paid through your mobile wallet or through cash/card at the counter. The amount of Beans redeemed will not earn any Beans.

Can I make a partial payment for my bill using Beans/ mobile wallet/cash or card?

  • Sure! You can opt for paying with Beans/cash/card or combine all of these options to make a payment for your purchases.

  • Third-party wallets cannot be used along with Mobile App . Hey, we want your full attention !

  • If you are opting to pay by combining all the available payment modes, Beans will be deducted first, and any balance amount will be finally settled through cash/card.

What are fungible offers and how do they work?

These are offers where you earn additional Beans, over and above the Beans earned on transactions on a minimum spend value (after discount and before tax).

For example, if you redeem an “Earn 70 bonus Beans with a bill of Rs 300 (after discount and before tax)” offer, and spend Rs 300 on F&B only, then you will earn 70 bonus Beans in addition to the 30 Beans you earned on your transaction spend.

Can I use my Beans to redeem the offer?

Yes, you can use your Beans to redeem the offer. If this is your first time using the App, you can use up to 50 Beans from your sign up bonus on your first bean redemption. There is no limit on Beans redemption from your second visit onwards, so don’t wait too long to treat yourself again!

Referral Program

How do I make a referral?

  • Click the drop down menu in the top left corner

  • Click on Refer

  • Note your referral code, or choose a medium to share your code through a referral message

  • This is your unique code and can be shared with your friends and family

  • Ask them to use it while signing up so that you can get the referral reward points once they make a transaction to purchase Beverages (excluding combos and Packaged beverages)

How will the referral bonus be credited?

You get 25 Beans credited to your account when the referred person signs up and makes a transaction on Beverages (excluding combos or packaged beverages) using the App.

Is there any expiry period for the referrals?

Yes. The referred person must make a transaction within 3 months of being referred or the referral would expire.

Is there any limit on the referrals?

No . You can refer any number of friends. However with effect from 20th July 2017 , you can earn referral bonus on a maximum of 4 referrals . You earn 25 Beans from each referral if your friend signs up and makes a transaction using the mobile app.So that’s a maximum of 100 Referral Bonus beans. Hey – that’s a free beverage waiting for you !

Why didn't I get the referral bonus?

It could be one of these reasons:

  • The referred person didn’t sign up using your code

  • The referred number has already downloaded the App before. (Can’t cheat the code, mate!)

  • The referred person has not yet made any purchases on Beverages (excluding combos, Packaged Beverages)

  • The referred person did not make any transaction within 3 months of being referred for which the bonus lapsed.

  • You have earned the maximum on 4 successful referrals already !

New Phone Number?

What happens if I lose or change my mobile phone?

No problem! Just:

  • Re-install the app on your new phone

  • Sign into the app with your old phone number

  • Your Bean will be transferred to your account

  • If you are changing your mobile device, you can use your registered mobile number on a maximum of two new mobile devices

What happens when I get a new number?

  • You will have to install the App afresh. You cannot transfer the Beans between different phones.

  • The transaction Beans and mobile wallet balance will be retained for 12 months in your old account/number, post which it will expire if unused.

  • If you are changing your phone number, you can change a maximum of two phone numbers per mobile device.

How to use the App

Why should I use the app?

The App helps you make the most of the CCD experience. And who doesn’t enjoy a free coffee once in awhile? With the new CCD App, you can:

  • Earn reward points (Beans) on every F&B transaction

  • Get offers that are personalized to your preferences - the more you transact, the better they get

  • Browse the CCD menu, locate CCD Cafes near you, get directions to the closest store and provide feedback on your Cafe experience.

How do I use the app to make a payment at the store?

Finalize your order at the store counter and inform the store cashier that you intend to pay through the App beforehand.

  • Click the “Show App at Counter” button located on the home screen

  • Choose your preferred mode of payment from the available options

  • Click “Next”

  • Present the QR code to the scanner

  • Pay any remaining balance after you use your Beans at the counter via cash/card

How do I make a payment if the POS is offline?

You will not be able to pay using App if the POS is offline. But, you can still earn Beans on your cash payment – it can be redeemed later whenever the POS is online again.

Can I use the app without a data connection?

Sure, you can use the App to:

  • Pay with Beans and wallet

  • Scan QR codes during purchase

  • Check Bean history

  • Browse app features

Can I order food through the app?

Not right now, but stay tuned! We’re working on making this possible very soon.

Phone requirements/specifications

All Android enabled smartphones with version 4.1 or higher would be able to run the App.

The app is compatible with iOS version 8.0 or above.

Is there any limitation on App installs on my mobile device?

Yes. For a new App registration, you can sign up using only one phone number per mobile device.

For existing users who are changing their mobile device, your registered mobile number can be used on a maximum of 2 new mobile devices. If you are changing your phone number, you can change upto 2 phone numbers per mobile device.

Why didn’t I receive the SMS or the voice call OTP?

To maintain user security, SMS OTPs are limited to a maximum of 10 per 24 hours. Voice OTPs are limited to a maximum of 3 per 24 hours. This limit is reset every 24 hours.

Other questions about the App

Why are some menu items shown on the App not available in the store?

The Menu features limited-period products and other select items from across the country.

What do I do if I have trouble downloading the application?

All Android enabled smartphones with version 4.1 or higher would be able to run the App. In case you are still having trouble, please contact the Google Play Help Center.

How do I share feedback?

You can share your feedback at or call us at 1800 102 5093

How do I update the app?

You will get a notification whenever there is an update available for the App. If you have turned off your notifications, you will get a pop-up asking you to update the App whenever you open it next. Or, you could always check for updates.

What if my transaction fails mid-way during making a purchase at the store?

Any Beans used will be credited back to your account.

I cant find my Lime Wallet or my Wallet balance anymore. What happened?

We have temporarily disabled Lime wallet from the app while we upgrade to a newer version. But don’t worry, your balance is safe and will be transferred to the new LIME wallet.

Download the new LIME wallet here:

Play Store:
The new LIME wallet can not be used at CCD for now, but you can transfer the balance into your bank account if you wish to do so. The wallet will be made available for use at CCD soon.

Please note that once you get registered on the app, it is deemed that you have provided your consent to CCD and you have no objections whatsoever to receive periodical transactional and promotional SMS’es from CCD in the promotion of its product and services. However if you wish to opt out, you can mail our customer care at customer care and place your request.

CCD may send out transactional and promotional messages via SMS’es periodically to its registered users in order to communicate with them. If you do not want to receive the SMS’es, you can contact our customer care team at and request to opt out from the service.