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Journey of the Coffee Bean

If you asked us where the coffee beans that went into your cappuccino came from, we'd probably be able to tell you. The journey that the coffee in that perfect cup of yours has been on is worth writing about. The folks that work at our estates are a tenacious bunch. They will visit each coffee plant several times over the harvest season so that they pick the berry when it is just right: neither under-ripe nor over-ripe. The processed beans get carefully roasted, until we hear the second 'pop', which means they're ready.And then comes the grind. We are sure you know that the best coffee comes from freshly ground beans. That is why at a Cafe Coffee Day you'll hear the grinder go 'whirrr' for just 15-20 seconds for each shot of espresso. Finally, the last mile: the transformation of finely ground coffee into that perfect cuppa. There's a choice at that too. At CCD we shoot pressurized steam through the coffee to create a shot of espresso but you could get the same results using our handy stove-top espresso maker. Boiling water from the lower chamber shoots through coffee above it, and a heady decoction collects in the upper chamber; ready for the coffee connoisseur's drinking pleasure. For best results, take the stove off the heat before the coffee boils over. The French press is a more do-it-yourself approach complete with a plunger. Those who like their coffee thick and strong should take the plunger firmly in their hand, push it down and bring coffee grounds together with water in a unique blend. All roads that lead to that final ultimate objective: a great cup of coffee. From bean, to cup. Every time.


Right, this is where we tell you stuff that you probably already know, but just in case. Caffeine was put through some really rigorous tests by the up-all-night researchers at MIT and they found that it was a 'mind-accelerating mood-booster'. We're sure you could do with some of that. That's not all, caffeine improves mental performance, improves reaction time and attention span. Now there's your explanation for all the great ideas you've had while at a CCD, right? Coffee also reduces the risk associated with certain cancers, cirrhosis of the liver and other scary stuff that we're too grossed out to write here. But it's true! Drink coffee, stay happy, stay healthy!


So if you've ever wondered how coffee gives your brain that edge, this is your lucky day! Coffee's secrets revealed. Adenosine gets together with its receptors inside your noodle and that's when you feel drowsy. When caffeine (coffee's celebrated active ingredient) shows up, it attaches itself to your receptors. When the pituitary gland gets a whiff of this, it comes to the (probably erroneous) conclusion that there's an emergency and gets the glands to let loose a load of adrenalin. This and the boosted dopamine level give you what you know as the caffeine high. Neat, right? Now, more coffee.

Journey of the bean SCM - CCD

Coffee Day, a wide upstream-integrated network of major coffee growing areas in the country, with its over 38 agents and 38 depots and collection centers and two curing works at Chickmagalur and Hassan – having a combined capacity of over 70,000tpa, is the largest coffee chain in the country. Roasting is done at the two well-equipped units, where the process is carried out under the control of experienced personnel to meet the highest quality standards. The state-of-the art technology deployed at these units help in maintaining consistency in meeting the stringent demands of even the most discerning consumer. The demand for coffee is highly sensitive to seasonal variations. In response to the high fluctuations in demand, Company installed a new state of the art online packing machine from Italy which led to an increased shelf life of roasted coffee beans, and also it significantly increased the packing capacity. With a strong integration up the value chain, Café Coffee Day is assuring the freshness of its coffee, 365 days a year to its customers. Café Coffee Day (CCD) grows the coffee served at its cafés. CCD currently owns and operates 900+ cafe outlets across 195 cities in the country. Seasonality in supply and demand, lower shelf life, market dynamics, demand for variety in product and packaging, higher expectations on product quality and delivery, all have added extra dimensions to the challenge, which is effectively handled by its Supply Chain team.

Beans that flow from over 10,000 acres of coffee estates in Chickmagalur are roasted and packed at Chickmagalur, moved to the central and regional distribution centers and then to city and to the cafés where they are ground to prepare the coffee served at a customer’s table.

While CCD’s core competence still lies in the Coffee growing/brewing/serving, increased demand for serving a variety of food items and beverages under the same brand has made it to diversify its offerings, including exclusive offerings customized to the needs of various geographic and demographic segments of the society.

All these factors have increased the supplier base of CCD’s supply chain to 450 vendors. The suppliers range from both domestic and international players and aligning CCD’s supply chain with that of its vendor’s has ensured efficient flow of product and information across the chain. The supplier base is built by strictly adhering to the QCD metrics (Quality-Cost-Delivery). All our products are sourced from vendors who practice quality and food safety practices such as HACCP, BRC, IFS, ISO 22000, and BIS. Only those vendors who comply with all statutory and regulatory compliances are empanelled. In addition, surprise vendor audits are carried out to ensure that quality and food safety standards are never compromised.

When Demand sags, Inventory can all too easily pile up and put pressure on the financial performance of the organization. CCD procurement team is continuously changing and adapting the Procurement process depending on the market condition and Government policies, which have impact over Business. Leveraging volumes of scale in regional and local areas and cities, setting up of regional and city warehouses in relevant cities , linking local procurement, bringing flexibility in material ordering, reducing MOQ, adhering to quality norms have all ensured superior quality and lower supply chain cost in total. These efforts taken till date by helping the organization reap the benefits of True Supply Chain integration - lower costs, increased variety, higher sales volumes, improved competitiveness and unparalleled customer service, giving CCD a distinct advantage over its peers.

The best bean from farm to cup is ensured through the Holistic approach of farming and processing at our estates and at our state of art processing plant where stringent food and safety standards of BRC and ISO 22000 are ensured. In addition, the coffee plantations are UTZ certified for sustainable farming.

Deep vertical integration and our relentless focus on quality, food safety practices at each step of the value chain has earned CCD as one of the most trusted, valuable and popular brands among Indian consumers and has guaranteed the best and safe foods for our valued patrons.