Colombian Supremo - Single Origin Coffee Powder (Pack of Two)

Single Origin Coffee Powder - Colombian Supremo. With a name like that, you know what to expect. Selectively handpicked from small family owned farms high in the Colombian Andes. Abundant rainfall, cloud cover and soil conditions conspire to create these large and aromatic beans hailed as the highest quality of Colombian coffee available.

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Additional Info

Taste experience: Smooth acidity with nutty and fruity overtones: intense and vibrant.

Suggested brewing technique: The espresso machine. Ideal for a cappuccino.

Goes well with: A grainy, crunchy cookie. Or two.

Note : This is not an instant coffee. For best result please use a Stovetop Espresso Maker to brew this coffee.

Category: Single Origin / International Coffee

Ingredient: 100% Coffee

Weight: 100gm

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