Guatemala Antigua - Single Origin Coffee Powder

Single Origin Coffee Powder - Guatemala Antigua. The crown jewel of Central American coffees. Grown in the Central Highlands of the Antigua District of Guatemala, this shade grown coffee is one of the most highly prized coffees in the world. The region has the altitude, temperature, rainfall, and soil suited to produce flavourful and nuanced coffees. Caramel, tangy and fruity flavours lace Guatemala's famous Antigua coffee.

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Additional Info

Taste experience: Rounded, smooth, delicate texture with bright waves of tangerines. Flavours of fruit, almonds, caramel and herbs. Lingering crisp and tangy finish. A delicate yet elegant cup.

Suggested brewing technique: The French Press.

Goes well with: A cookie or anything sweet.

Category: Single Origin / International Coffee

Ingredient: 100% Coffee

Weight: 100gm

Note: This is not an instant coffee. For best result please use a French Press to brew this coffee.