Custom Coffee

Custom Coffee – Make your own blend.

The perfect coffee is never a standard brew. It stems from the personality of the drinker, his mood and his surrounding. And given that every person has an individualistic palette, the perfect coffee is never the same for two people. So it’s only fair that a coffee lover gets his coffee brewed to specification. Which is why, CCD brings you a variety of Custom Coffees that let’s you choose the proportions of what goes into yours and the size to which the beans are ground!

Explore your tastes as you discover a variety of special coffee’s and choose the percentage of chicory that goes into the mix. Here’s a sneak preview at the range of coffees you can custom order:

BLEND OF 1870: A strong yet smooth blend, with a bitter-sweet aftertaste of caramel and dark chocolate. Perfect for those nostalgic moments.

CLASSIC ARABICA: Loved for its soft, rounded texture, the Classic Arabica too contains hints of dark chocolate and caramel, making for the ideal everyday morning cuppa.

SUPREMO BLEND: Velvet in texture, with undercurrents of malt, the Supremo Blend is a dreamy escape from the mundane.

Experiment with these characteristic flavors available in blends of 0, 10 and 15% chicory to suit your mood. So brew to your heart’s content.


A chicory blend that is slightly strong and bright with flavourful caramel and a hint of dark chocolate that leaves you with a bitter-sweet taste.

  • Grind Size:

INR :195.00 per 200 gm
Your blend is ready!

  • Your Choice of Blend
    Blend of 1870
  • 90% Coffee
    10% Chicory
  • INR : 195.00

Order ships in 5-7 working days as custom coffee is ground exclusively as per order