Mumbai, November 06, 2009 : The mercury around town has started dipping and the winter has started to set in. Warm up with Cafe Coffee Day's (CCD) 'Layers' - A new range of signature coffee's that will help you keep a check on the chill during the winter. CCD, the chain that offers refreshing moments to millions across the country now introduces a range of four special new offerings that are designed to beat the chill out of the winter!

Wake up and embrace the morning. Start your day on the right foot with Chocolayers - Hot choco-latte infused with hints of aromatic cinnamon, or you could try the Arctic Sun - Layers of vanilla ice cream laced with dark chocolate sauce, served with a double shot of espresso. It's a bubbly symphony of Mocha and Java as hot and cold come alive together. A truly perfect way to start your day full of energy and feeling coffee fresh. Compliment your long and chilly evenings with Level Three - Irish creme flavoured Kaapi and spicy overtones come together to envelope you with warmth - just like your favourite cardigan. End your day with a Winterberry - A thick strawberry shake blanketed by pulpy mango puree. Its beyond doubt, winter's chill in a glass. All these treats specially crafted for the connoisseur in you.

The 'Layers' range of coffees is available across the country at all Cafe Coffee Day outlets.

Commenting on Cafe Coffee Day's latest introductions, Alok Gupta, Director, Cafe Coffee Day, India said, "At Cafe Coffee Day we are committed to enhancing the coffee experience for consumers through exciting new offerings. The 'Layers' range of beverages is a recognition of the fact that every season needs a specialized offering both in terms of the ingredients as well as taste. This new range of winter beverages is designed to tantalize the mind and refresh the senses and we look forward to our customers enjoying the winter with our new offering."


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