Mumbai, 15th January, 2009 : Cafe Coffee Day, the chain that offers refreshing moments to millions across the country now launches 'Shadows' - Coffees inspired by Time that are all set to enhance the romance of the brew; coffees for different times of the day.

Everyday, as our lives get more hectic, mornings merge into afternoons into evenings. Shadows sway as the sun moves across the sky and we ignore their beauty. Cafe Coffee Day urges consumers to take a moment and cherish the uniqueness that every moment of every part of the day brings with it. The connoisseurs of coffee are once again tantalizing the taste buds and intoxicating the senses with the new range of coffees designed to suit every meal, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner.

TThe different times of a person's day brings in different moods and feelings. Thus it is important that what we consume by way of food or beverage suites that time of the day and enhances the experience and lifts our spirits. It is observed that one tends to feel more energetic and refreshed in the mornings after a good night's sleep; the afternoons usually tend to bring in a certain amount of fatigue whilst the evening sets in that mood of wanting to be with someone/socialize and end the day with a healthy supper. Keeping these changing moods at different times of the day in mind CCD has crafted a new range of coffees after detailed research.

The new range of coffees is available across the country at all Cafe Coffee Day outlets from 15th January onwards.

Wake up and embrace the morning. Start your day on the right foot with a Morning Glory (double shot of espresso, sweetened and spiced on the rocks!) or a First Light (rich caramel sauce, espresso with a swirl of cream), the perfect way to start your day full of energy and feeling coffee fresh. Compliment your long seeming afternoons with a lunch and a Solar Eclipse (Cappuccino with spicy tones & Chocolate swirls) or the Summer Breeze (Coffee on the rocks with milk foam). Now you can rejuvenate those long days with a Yellow Caramellow (Coffee with rich caramel sauce & fruity banana flavouring dressed with whipped cream) or a All-Day Refresher (Creamy cold coffee with the crunchiness of cookies). End your day with a Sunset Brew (Sinful combination of dark chocolate brownie with the richness of coffee). All these treats specially crafted for the connoisseur in you.

Commenting on Cafe Coffee Day's latest customer value initiative, Bidisha Nagaraj, President - Marketing, said, "At Cafe Coffee Day we are committed to enhancing the coffee experience through continuous research and development. The new range of coffees is a recognition of the fact that every mood and day part needs a specialized brew both in terms of the ingredients as well as the end taste . These new Coffees are designed to arouse the senses and compliment the different moods of the day. We look forward to our customers relishing this offer."


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