Mumbai, 27 July, 2009 : Cafe Coffee Day, the chain that serves refreshing moments to millions across the country celebrates 'Friendship Day' by launching 'The Greatest Friends on Earth' campaign - a collection of true friendship brews. Inspired by the classis friendships of our time; the coffees are teamed up with their most complimenting eats.

At Cafe Coffee Day, strangers are just friends waiting to happen... and all it takes is a Friendzy Chill (chilled chocolate shake with crunchy almond flakes), the Warm Shake (soothing crunchy cafe au lait topped with cookies crumbles) or the Awesome Amigos (a serving for four - that will help you bond over 4 Cappuccinos, 1 Chicken Tikka Sandwich, 1 spinach Corn Sandwich and 2 Chocolate Brownies). The offerings are designed in such a manner that one cannot be spelt without the other; there are the hot coffee or cold coffee combinations with delectable desserts and special coffee and eats combinations for even a group of four friends.

The idea is to invite all customers to come into the cafe along with their favourite buddies and spend quality time over food and beverage that absolutely compliment their friendly banter!!!

A bonus for those billing more than Rs. 200/- (+ taxes) free gifts will be added to enhance their friendship quotient.

Also for this friendship day CCD has introduced e-voucher which enables a person to send a gift voucher to their friends through the internet


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