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Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions ("Terms and Conditions") govern your use of the Cafe Coffee Day Mobile Application Platform ("CCD App").

CCD is a division of Coffee Day Global Limited which is a conglomerate company. The Term "CCD" wherever appears hereunder shall mean and include its affiliates/Group companies/subsidiaries.

By using the CCD App, you are declaring that you understand and agree with the terms and conditions elucidated below.

The "CCD App" can be used only in select cities and stores specified by CCD.


The CCD App is not targeted towards, nor intended for use by, anyone who has not attained the age of 18. Users below 18 may use the CCD App under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian who agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

About Your App

First time download bonus, with effect from 15th October, 2018 on downloading the App is 75 Beans. However 50 Beans can only be redeemed in the 1st transaction through the app, after which no limit on Bean redemption for further transactions. Beans can only be redeemed against the purchase of beverages, excluding Beverages available under ‘Totally Worth It menu’, combos and packaged beverages, such as water bottle, juice, etc.

Promotional Offer

However CCD as a special festive offer is allowing its App Users also to redeem Beans against F&B items available under “Totally Worth it Menu”, and this offer shall be valid from 15th October 2018 to 31st January 2019.

The download bonus can only be claimed at specific CCD stores in India. CCD reserves the right to modify which stores these redemptions can be applied at any time, without notice.

The download bonus is valid only on the first download from a unique mobile number and/or mobile device. Subsequent downloads from the same mobile number or device shall not be eligible.

The Cafe Coffee Day APP can be used across vast network of cafes. However, due to technical Constraints there may be some disruption temporarily from app usage at certain cafes.

Once you get registered on the app, it is deemed that you have provided your consent to CCD and you have no objections whatsoever to receive periodical transactional and promotional SMS's from CCD in the promotion of its product and services. However, if you wish to opt out, you can email to our customer care and place your request.

Please note that download is limited to one app installation per unique device. If you are an existing app user changing your mobile device, you can use your registered mobile number on a maximum of two new mobile devices. If you are changing your phone number, you can change a maximum of two phone numbers per mobile device.

Download bonus eligibility is determined at CCD's discretion. This bonus may be withheld and/or cancelled in case of multiple downloads, suspected fraud, or for any other reason deemed fit by CCD. The download bonus can also be changed at the discretion of CCD.

Reward Points (Beans) can be earned by identifying yourself at the counter through the App.

Beans can be earned through the purchase of food and beverages in select CCD stores. They can be redeemed against the purchase of beverages, excluding Beverages available under ‘Totally Worth It menu’, combos and packaged beverages, i.e. water bottle, juice, etc.

A customer can earn 25 Beans as referral Beans, provided the person referred by the customer uses the customer’s referral code to sign up and transact using the App to buy beverages and food items available only under the "Totally Worth It Menu" (excluding Beverages available under ‘Totally Worth It menu’, combos and packaged beverages). Also, if the referred person has not made any transaction within 3 months of being referred, the referral would expire and there would not be any earning of beans. With effect from 15th May 2018, each customer can earn Referral Bonus on up to 2 referrals only.

Purchased Beans feature has been temporarily disabled in the app. However, any Prior purchased Beans will still be present in your Beans balance account.

Beans earned are collected in a customer linked CCD account.

On redemption, 1 Bean equals Re. 1.

Beans once redeemed are considered spent and no longer considered accumulated.

Beans once earned, will be credited immediately into your CCD App account or as per the discretion of CCD.

Earned Beans can be redeemed on your next transaction at a CCD outlet against the purchase of beverages only (excluding Beverages available under ‘Totally Worth It menu’, combos and packaged beverages, i.e., water bottle, juice, etc.)

The number of Beans earned on a transaction will depend on the items purchased, as per the discretion of CCD. Similarly, the number of Beans redeemed will also be as per the policy and discretion of CCD. However with effect from 1st March 2018, maximum number of Beans on a transaction per day, a customer can earn is restricted to 150 Beans regardless of the amount spent on purchase by the said customer.

Beans can be earned on the value of food & beverage transactions only, where payment is made via cash, Card or other accepted forms of payment on CCD App/outlet, excluding the offer, discount and Beans redeemed, if any i.e. on Net.

Starting from 1st August 2018, Beans earned will expire dynamically, based upon the day of earning. Beans accumulated through referrals, offers, sign up bonus or any ad-hoc Beans credited to the customer’s account have a validity of 90 days, from the date of earning. Transaction Beans earned on purchases are valid for 365 days, from the date they were earned. Any unredeemed Beans will expire after the validity period

The customer can redeem the Beans at his/her options, and is even entitled to carry forward the same till its validity period. However this option is currently not available for IOS operating system and the accumulated unredeemed Beans shall automatically get redeemed on net eligible (i.e for purchase of beverages, Beverages available under ‘Totally Worth It menu’, combos and packaged beverages, such as water bottle, juice, etc.) value of the Bill, while making Payments.

Offers will be passed on through the CCD App as per the discretion of CCD

Lime Wallet has been temporarily disabled from the CCD app. CCD bears no responsibility on any issue(s) pertaining to the Lime Wallet balance. For any clarifications on this the users can approach Axis Bank Limited.

Validity of fungible offers is subject to revision any time, as per the discretion of CCD.

Fungible offers can be redeemed either through Beans, cash, or card.

Users are not guaranteed offers in the CCD App. Availability of offers is at the discretion of CCD.

Pre-order and Pay (PO&P) feature is app-exclusive feature of CCD and is only available to registered users on the app.

The estimated time of order preparation and delivery on PO&P might change depending upon existing cafe orders. In case of a late delivery, CCD is not subjected to any refunds on the payment.

CCD is not liable on failed payments while ordering through PO&P method. However, if any cash has been debited from you, CCD shall refund the payment to the bank. The refund process might take 7-8 working days.

You must make the payments while placing the order. In case of online payment, to ensure that shopping online is secure, your debit/credit card details will be encrypted to prevent the possibility of someone being able to read them as they are sent over the internet. Your credit card company may also conduct security checks to confirm on the identity i.e. it is you placing the order.

We will take all reasonable care, in so far as it is in our power to do so, to keep the details of your order and payment secure, but in the absence of negligence on our part, we cannot accept and assume any liability for any loss you may suffer if a third party procures unauthorized access to any data you provide when accessing or ordering from the app.

The prices reflected on the mobile application might change from time to time. Any change in the prices of menu at the time of placing order is at the sole discretion of CCD.

In case of a late order delivery at cafe, the order charges will neither be voided nor refunded by CCD.

Beans accumulated under the CCD App cannot be exchanged for cash.

Your Beans and benefits are personal to you. Unless expressly permitted under these Terms and Conditions or the rules of a promotional programme, they may not be sold, transferred or assigned to, or shared with family, friends, or others.

Your App may be terminated, and all Beans credited to your account be forfeited at CCD's discretion, if it determines in its sole discretion that you have violated these Terms and Conditions, and/or that the use of your App account is suspicious, unauthorized, fraudulent or otherwise unlawful.

CCD reserves the right to terminate, discontinue, modify or cancel CCD app and/or offers and/or Beans rules for earning and redeeming Beans at any time and in its sole discretion without assigning any reasons and without any prior notice.

No claims of any nature whatsoever arising out of use of CCD App shall be entertained by CCD.

CCD will not be responsible for any loss of Beans or offers due to loss or misuse of the mobile platform.

Crediting of Beans is as per CCD's discretion and no request for credit of points will be entertained unless otherwise specified.

CCD may introduce promotion programs relating to the CCD App whereby these Terms and Conditions may vary as applicable to such programs.

CCD may send out transactional and promotional messages via SMS'es periodically to its registered users in order to communicate with them. If any user does not want to receive the SMS'es, they can contact our customer care team at and request to opt out from the service.

Beans Balance Correction

CCD reserves the right to correct the Beans balance in your CCD App if CCD believes that a clerical, billing or accounting error has occurred. If you have questions regarding your transaction history or any correction, or if you dispute any transaction or correction that has been assessed, please email to CCD

Privacy Statement

You hereby authorize CCD to disclose your information to Government authorities or to other third persons, to comply with legal obligations. You also authorize CCD to gather information regarding your mobile usage, App usage, location, and any other physical attributes that can be obtained from your mobile phone, for the purpose of offering products and services to you.

Changes to these Terms and Conditions

CCD reserves the right to add, alter, amend, cancel and revise terms and conditions including but not limited to the rules and regulations governing the reward program and/or App program without prior notice, and without assigning any reasons thereof. In the event of such changes, the latest terms & conditions will be updated and viewed on our

Cancellation of these Terms and Conditions

CCD may suspend or terminate these terms and conditions and revoke or limit any or all the rights and privileges granted to you at any time without notice or liability. Termination may also result from your fraudulent or unauthorized use of the CCD App.

Governing Law

All disputes, in connection with CCD App or its program shall be governed and construed in accordance with Indian Laws and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Competent Courts at respective jurisdiction.

Disclaimers and Limits of Liability

CCD makes no representations, warranties or conditions of any kind, express or implied, with respect to the CCD App. CCD does not guarantee that the CCD App will always be accepted.

In the event that CCD is found liable to you, you shall only be entitled to recover actual and direct damages. Such damages shall not exceed the last Bean balance held in your CCD App (or) the value of the order placed by you through the APP at the discretion of CCD. In no event shall CCD have any liability for unauthorized access to, or destruction of the CCD App. CCD is not liable for non-fulfilment of any terms in full or in part due to any reason beyond its control.

CCD holds no responsibility for transactions made through the mobile wallet partner. Any claims of loss or failed transaction should be directly dealt with the wallet service provider only, and you agree not to make CCD a Party in case of any disputes in this regard. CCD shall not be liable for any failure or delay for service failure due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control, including but not limited totechnical or server failure.

The decision of the management of CCD is final and shall be binding at all times.

These Terms and Conditions shall supersede all and any prior or contemporaneous arrangement, communications, promise by CCD through any forms including but not limited to media, advertisements, promotions, etc., in relation to the subject matter.

These Terms and Conditions of the usage of CCD App by its employees is governed by CCD Internal Policies.