Cafe Moments Card Faq

  • a) Where can I buy and use the Cafe Moments Card?

    • The Café Moments card is currently available & usable in select 1250+ Café Coffee Day outlets across the country! Click here to buy a Café Moments card online.
  • b) Where can I reload my Café Moments Card?

    • Café Moments card can be reloaded at any of our participating cafes or click here to reload online.
  • c) Where can I see my card balance?

    • You can check your card balance:
      Online: Click here to check your card balance, see all your transactions, edit your profile.
      By sending an SMS : Type CMB and send to +919902263333
      At the café : Just ask as the billing counter
  • d) Features & Benefits
    • This is a prepaid card which can be used as an ideal gift for your friend, loved one or for yourself. You can load or re-load, any amount between Rs 100/- and Rs 5001 /- the denomination is your choice entirely!

      When a Café Moments card is purchased/re-loaded and ACTIVATED, CCD will credit an additional amount (a minimum of 5%) based on the loaded value. The easiest way to get extra rewards while making payments.

      This card can be used as a mode of payment, whenever the card-holder visits the cafe.

      Just swipe the card to record every transaction, so that we can send special offers, cool gifts and fun rewards based on all the Café Moments payments made using the card.

      Once the card is ACTIVATED, every time the Café Moments card is used to make a payment or to re-load your card, we will send a confirmation SMS – so that the card-holder can easily keep track of his/her account. The balance on the card is valid for one year from the activation or from the last re-load, so start right now!
  • e) Current offers on Café Moments!
    • From time to time, we will keep surprising you with exclusive offers! Current introductory offers are as follows:

      Load or Re-load a Café Moments Card and after ACTIVATION, CCD will add-on a bonus
      1. 5% on any amount between Rs 100/- to Rs 999/-
      2. 7% on any amount between Rs 1000/- to Rs 2499/-
      3. 10% on Rs 2500/- and above
      Once Registration of profile is complete …
      1. Get a free beverage after every 5 Café visits where the Café Moments card is used to make payment of minimum Rs 50 /- per transaction
      2. Free Beverage choices in current offer depends on the average amount spent in the 5 visits
      3. When the average value of the last 5 transactions (considered for free beverage) is Rs 50 to Rs 149 the free beverages available are : Regular Cappuccino OR Black Coffee OR Assam Tea OR Iced Eskimo
      3. When the average value of the last 5 transactions (considered for free beverage) is Rs 150 and above , the free beverages available are : Regular Cappuccino OR Black Coffee OR Aztec coffee OR Assam Tea OR Iced Eskimo OR Frappe
  • f) How do I get all my offers from Café Moments?
    • Along with the regular offers, from time to time, Café Moments will send special exclusive offers to its REGISTERED card holders through SMS.

      To ensure that you receive your special offers, you must:
      1. Click here to register your profile
      2. You must send START to +919902263333 to opt-in to receive all the SMS, and stay opted-in to this no. IMPORTANT : As per Govt. regulations if you are not opted-in to this no. you will not be able to receive your offers
  • g) How to use your Café Moments card? It’s so easy ! 

    • Once you have received this as a gift or if you have bought it for yourself, please click here to register your profile, so that you become eligible to receive exclusive offers. What's more, if the card is registered by the user, we can safeguard the card balance and replace the card if lost.
      1. REGISTRATION: at our website will make you eligible for your bonus, free birthday beverages, other free beverage offers & exclusive offers. What's more it will help us safeguard your card and replace it if lost.
      2. CREDIT YOUR BONUS: through a ONE-TIME ACTIVATION. Simply SMS or go online to get started. You will receive a confirmation SMS from us within 24 hours!
      3. SWIPE YOUR CARD: every time you make a payment at participating CCD outlets.
      4. CHECK YOUR CARD BALANCE: as many times as you want through an SMS or online.
      5. RE-LOAD YOUR CARD: to continue to enjoy the benefits.
      Send an SMS to 9902263333 (just remember 9902COFFEE ) or log on to

      START NOW ! SMS format
      Card Activation CMA 16DigitCardNo 6DigitScratchPin Emailid

      Example: CMA 1003340010069214 248779
      Check Balance CMB 16DigitCardNo

      Example: CMB 1003340010069214

      1. Present your card before billing
      2. Keep your card safely
      3. Ask for and retain your Cafe Moments bills
  • h) If card is lost or damaged?
  • i) Terms & Conditions:
    • This Café Moments Prepaid Card is the property of Coffee Day Global Limited to whom it must be returned, upon request or if found. Use of this card is governed by the Cafe Moments T&C.

      This card can be purchased by paying through Cash / Credit Card / Debit Card only.

      The balance on this card is valid for 1 year from the date of last load/ re-load whichever is later (e.g. Card was first loaded with Rs 100 on 14-Feb-2012 . This balance of Rs 100 is valid till 13-Feb-2013 only &expires thereafter. However if the Card is reloaded with (minimum) Rs 100/- on 01-Feb-2013 then the entire balance is now valid till 31-Jan-2014 !)

      It is valid only in participating Cafe Coffee Day outlets in India and not any third-party operated cafes

      This is not a credit/debit/ATM card. The balance cannot be redeemed for or refunded with cash.

      Please present this card before billing. Offers & Benefits cannot be clubbed with existing offers, promotions & discounts and are subject to change at the discretion of Coffee Day Global Limited.

      This Prepaid Card is not valid until ACTIVATED by the USER and confirmed by Coffee Day Global Limited.

      Misuse of the Café Moments Card or its benefits in any manner may result in the termination of the validity of the Card and/or withdrawal of benefits at the sole discretion of Coffee Day Global Limited.

      Please keep the Café Moments Prepaid Card safely. CCD will replace the card only if the Card has been pre-registered at

      Completion of Activation confirms unequivocal acceptance of the terms & conditions

      Coffee Day Global Limited will send you information regarding new products, offers, campaigns, benefits etc on your latest contact details including email id & mobile number, as last communicated to Coffee Day Global Limited through Activation, Registration or Profile Updation, subject to your confirmation that you are not subscribed under the National Do Not Call Registry.

      To opt-in to Café Moments SMS please send START to +919902263333

      Coffee Day Global Limited shall not be liable to any card-holder for any indirect or consequential loss, damage or expense of any kind whatsoever, arising out of or in conjunction with Café Moments and/or provision or the refusal to provide any benefits, whether such loss, damage or expense is caused by negligence or otherwise and whether Coffee Day Global Limited has any control over the circumstances giving rise to the claim or not

      Coffee Day Global Limited is not liable for non-fulfillment of any terms in full or in part due to any reason beyond its control

      The decision of the management of Coffee Day Global Limited is final and binding

      Disputes, if any, will be settled under the jurisdiction of Bangalore Courts.

      Coffee Day Global Limited reserves the right to add, alter, amend and revise terms and conditions as well as the rules and regulations governing the Café Moments card without prior notice, and without assigning any reasons thereof. In the event of such changes, the latest terms & conditions will be updated online and can be viewed on

      For any queries, email us at